MediBloc Coin – Advantages and disadvantages

In any case, there is a lot of potential in the blockchain. World health is becoming an increasingly important issue and the MED network can help to make healthcare more effective. The team also looks extremely professional. At the same time, the implementation and dissemination of the MED blockchain could encounter difficulties. Hospitals must agree to use the network and be willing to hand over sovereignty over patient data. At the same time, there could be legal problems. In Germany, for example, people are very concerned about data protection. The use of the network could be impossible due to our data protection regulations alone.

In addition, there are no great incentives to buy the MED Coin. The use of the crypto currency is limited to the MED network, whether it could also attract speculators has yet to be seen. It is conceivable that the MED Coin will attract buyers if they want to buy services within the network. However, companies that want to offer products or insurance on the Medi Bloc platform have yet to be found. It should also be noted that the MED crypto currency is still very young. It is therefore difficult to make an exact MediBloc forecast and the price does not yet provide much information.

MediBloc Coin Price – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin revolution

The MED Coin has only recently started trading on the Bitcoin revolution of the stock markets. At the start, a single coin was still worth just over 20 cents. Since then, the MediBloc price has fallen steadily, to below 10 cents in the middle of the month. At the end of the month, the price was quoted at 6 cents per coin. This slide continued in February, with the price at 4 cents in the first few days of February. Meanwhile, it seems to have settled in at around 3 cents per coin.

Regarding the MediBloc forecast: So far, the share price has not developed particularly well. This could possibly be due to the bad time, the crypto markets were just sobering up when the MediBloc coin could be bought for the first time. MED Coin is still among the top hundred, it does not belong to the crypto currencies that are traded at less than 1 cent per MED coin. Nevertheless, it is possible that the price will fall again. In the same way, however, there is also upward potential and perhaps one only has to give the crypto currency a little more time. In any case, it is still a good time to buy the MediBloc at a low price.

Create a MediBloc Wallet

An own MediBloc Wallet does not exist yet. Instead the developers suggest to use the Qtum Core Wallet. You can download it from the Qtum website. There are variants for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as a mobile wallet and one for the web browser. After installation, it can take up to 24 hours for the MED Wallet to synchronize with the Internet.

Where can I buy the MediBloc Coin?
So far MediBloc can only be bought on Here you can exchange them for Ether or Qtum or buy them with dollars.

Conclusion MediBloc Coin
There is a lot of potential behind this concept that may not even be suspected. However, it will take quite a while until the development is really finished and the MediBloc crypto currency will be used.

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PIVX Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

Behind the PIVX Coin development is the community. Participation in the development is completely voluntary, everyone can contribute. Participants can decide to remain anonymous in the sense of the crypto currency or to confess publicly. Even though this approach might not seem very professional, a team of software developers, marketers and general supporters has come together. The team is constantly looking for new members, including social media and bloggers, to make the coin development more popular.

PIVX Coin advantages and disadvantages shown on

Buying PIVX Coin could be worthwhile if more and more people are interested in wanting to store the coin in the wallet in order to achieve a passive income like this english. The crypto currency is well suited for this, because unlike other crypto currencies, new blocks are not created by the proof-of-work process, which consumes a tremendous amount of power and requires powerful computers. The number of coins required for this is quite high, so the coin could be in high demand on the stock markets. Therefore one should perhaps keep an eye on the price in order to buy cheaply.

Many people who are interested in crypto currencies do so because of the anonymous transactions. The crypto currency offers some advantageous technologies here However, it is not the only coin that wants to draw attention to itself with high anonymity. Verge, Monero, to name just a few, are strong competitors. The P/IVX coin has been tradable since 2015, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the price changed. It remains to be seen whether the PIVX Coin can prevail against the competition.

PIVX Coin Price – Development – Forecast for the Bitcoin trader

During 2016 it was quiet around the PI VX coin price. Look here The coin was quoted at less than 1 cent per coin all year round. Positive changes did not occur until 2017, more precisely in March. The Bitcoin trader price gradually rose to up to 80 cents per coin. In April, the coin was quoted at up to 1.60 euros. In May, the price fell briefly and reached comparable values at the end of the month.

From then on it only seemed to go up and some traders certainly dared to make a promising forecast. In July it was up to 2 Euro per coin, for a short time the price fell to 1 Euro and then held between 1 and 2 Euro. In August, the coin broke through almost 3 euros, which was achieved in September. In October and November, the price usually remained between 2 and 3 euros.

The next rise of the coin forecast took place in December. Before the Christmas time it should still be 6 Euro, which led to a steep rise of the price. After Christmas, the crypto currency finally cost 10 euros per coin. In January 2018 the price was quoted at 11 Euro and then lost value in the course of the month. The general crypto hype eased, but the coin was still trading between 4 and 5 euros, which represents an enormous gain in value compared to the previous year of the same month.

What about the PIVX coin forecast? The crypto currency will probably not be traded as emotionally for a while as it was at the turn of the year. In 2018 it is just as well possible that the price will lose value again, but could also increase again. So far, the price has followed the general developments on the stock market.

Draper: Security, Market Situation and Bitcoin Price of $250,000

Billionaire and long-time Bitcoin bull Tim Draper gathered for an interview with The Street magazine to share his thoughts on the future of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general.

Tim Draper: Security, Clarity and Bitcoin profit

The conversation began with the question of clarity when Draper was asked about his response to what former chairman of the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission, Gary Gensler, said about the need to regulate crypto currencies.

Draper replied that all world governments are now competing to attract crypto- and blockchain-based technology companies and to do so they need to create “very clear and easily understandable rules for crypto”.

The investor said that banks are less secure than the Ethereum code

Asked what his approach would be if President Donald Trump asked him to the White House to design an Ethereum code , Draper replied that the first thing he would do would be to make Bitcoin a national currency, as Japan has done. Then he suggested setting up a new department Рoutside the SEC and CFTC Рto monitor crypto currencies.

“I just talked to the people at the Federal Reserve.” I thought I had to tell them to find a new job. In the next 10 years, not immediately, we will need less centralized currencies.”

When the interview switched to security, the investor said that banks are less secure than the blockchain network. He also emphasized that the number of wallets, investors and miners is increasing and therefore Bitcoin as the most popular crypto currency is the most secure.

“In price terms, we will continue to see Bitcoin move higher.” I’ve revised my estimate to $250,000 in four years, so we’ll see Bitcoin around the $250,000 mark in 2022.”